AxiDraw MiniKit 2 & SE/A3 Notes & Links


Rev Dan Catt Plotter tools and links

Some of my Plotting on Black Paper


Turtletoy links syntax

Dan Cat's Business Card corner printer


Videos of my plotter working: My latest Tutrle

10 PRINT is also available as a PDF (50 MB), provided under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Local copy of 10 Print

AxiDraw in videos on Vimeo

Hi Rupert, Yes, there is support for an external pause button.

The first set of three pins on the EBB control board above the three pins used for standard pen-lift servo control are, by default, configured to act as an alternate pause button input.

From back to front, those three pins are ground, +5 V out, and signal in. Your external button should be a normally-open button that gives no connection except when you press the button. Wire it from the front pin (signal in) to the back pin (ground), leaving the +5 V pin not connected to anything.

Kind regards, -Windell

bmaranville - I have created EBB Firmware v2.2.7, which includes a new command called "ES" for you. (E-Stop). Here is the hex file for v2.2.7 so you can update your EBB :
And here is the updated documentation for v2.2.7

Please try it out, and see if it works for you.

Windell H. Oskay, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories 1285 Forgewood Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Style 9

Style 4

Tiling an object in InkScape

Assembling The AxiDraw MiniKit2 Control the plotter directly from Processing


Some simple examples showing how one can control the AxiDraw, directly from within Processing.

Issue reports and contributions welcome.

Two examples are currently included:

AxiGen1: Draw a random walk where you click the mouse. This is a good starting point for making generative artwork on the AxiDraw.

AxiRT: Real-time drawing software for the AxiDraw; a derivative of You can draw a sketch with your cursor, and the AxiDraw will draw it onto paper.

See also:, real-time turtle graphics control of AxiDraw, based on these examples.


Shipping of the MiniKit 2


Assembly Guide


axidraw software


YouTube Playlist






The Plotting of Beautiful Curves (Euler Spirals and Sierpiński Triangles) - Numberphile


Mathamitica Code




Wolfram at:

n = 7;
instructions = SubstitutionSystem[{
"X"  -> {"Y", Pi/3, "X", Pi/3,"Y"},
"Y" -> {"X", -Pi/3, "Y", -Pi/3, "X"}
}, {"X"}, n];


AnglePath[Join[{0}, Select[Last[instructions], NumericQ]]]
{Red, Disk[{0,0}, 0.2]}

Sierpiński Curve



711 views Jan 3, 2023

Project & Source code:

Colour Palettes for Generative Art:

Genuary 2023 prompts:




10 Print

Sakura Gelly Roll, gélový roller biely


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Ordered the AxiDraw Mini2 Kit

$689.92 AU purchased 12 January 2023

Delivered (hopefully) 23 January 2023





Python API For AxiDraw





An easy way to program AxiDraw and preview your drawing. Including turtle graphics commands!

Requirements to run application:

Additional requirements to run from source code:

Based on EvilMadScientist's AxiGen example, hiding it's complexity, but providing an easy (turtle graphics) programming interface.

Based RoboPaint RT:

Turtle graphics commands are based on "Laser Turtle":

The turtle starts in the upper left corner facing right. Angles: 0 is right, 1/4 is up, 1/2 is left, 3/4 is down



One subject that I’ve often thought appropriate for plotting are maps, and Michael’s topographic maps are elegant. Again, in addition to making drawings, he has provided his code for working with AWS terrain data as well.



Generative Art Python Tutorial 1 for Penplotter










If you have an object selected and you click a color in the bottom palette it will be the new fill color. Shift+Click picks a color and puts it to the stroke. It's written in the guidance text in the bottom.


I am sometimes surprised that we do not see more non-coding artists doing generative art by other means in the way that Ellsworth Kelly and Jean Arp did within the digital art NFT space. Generative art does not mean code art.

— sonso.eth (🐥,🪱) (@saintsonso) February 4, 2023



GM from the new studio chair.

Sure NFTs are good, but have you tried a unique 2020s coded pattern inspired by the 1970s on a 1890s Arts & Crafts chair, upholstered by award winning furniture restorers @vintagechairs?

Weirdly not the first interior decorating commission/project.

— Rev Dan Catt (@revdancatt) October 26, 2022


I made a few plots to show how the 70s Pop pattern was constructed. How the tiles all fitted together, and what they looked like apart. Then I started experimenting with it a little more, by playing with the number and angle of the tiles in each square. So here we are, each one of these is different and unique, no two sets of the plots are the same.

Fancy having some artwork you can point at and go "No-one else has this version of the plot", then you've come to the right place! 😁

📆 30th September 2021
🏆 Random open edition
⏳ 49m 18s
📏 27.71m
🖋 Staedtler pigment liner 0.8mm
🎨 Staedtler pigment Black
📄 A3 Bockingford watercolour 300gsm cold pressed⁣⁣ - 29.7 × 42.0cm, 11.7 × 16.5in
🤖 AxiDraw V3/A3 pen plotter
💻 Javascript SVG @revdancatt
👨‍🎨 Original © Daniel Catt 2021
Reference: 70T-WH-BL-A3-64x45-01
Signed and dated on the front, shipped flat without the frame.

Special Instructions

The ink used in this work is archival-ink, light-fast and fade-resistant, the paper is acid-free and also fade-resistant. That said, it's still probably wise to frame it and hang it somewhere out of direct sunlight.


Serial Port Controls for EBB Board


"ES" — E Stop

RoboPaint Program USe to send serial commands to the Plotter


Hi Rupert, The spring kit is included with the Brushless servo upgrade kit for AxiDraw ( ). They are not recommended except for use with an AxiDraw with the brushless upgrade, as the added power draw can potentially damage the control board without that upgrade.

Kind regards, -Windell

Windell H. Oskay, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories 1285 Forgewood Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94089,COUNT_PER_ROW=6,MIN_POINTS=33,MAX_POINTS=4

vpype is the Swiss-Army-knife command-line tool for plotter vector graphics. Here is what it can do:


SVG Generators & Resources

Essential Reading

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