Adobe Connect Training Links


Making sure you and your computer are ready for Adobe Connect meetings

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before:

Test your connection:

Get a quick overview:


Use the Adobe Connect Meeting test tool to tests the following four key components for a successful meeting experience: 

You can access this utility inside the meeting room by choosing Help > Troubleshooting. You can also access the test at the following URL:


I would recommend the following resources:

Getting Started with Adobe Connect Custom meeting pods Extend your Adobe Connect room's functionality with custom meeting pods. Simply upload the SWF or ZIP file to an empty Share pod.

Adobe Connect Meeting Overview


eLearning 101_Adobe Connect, A presentation I created for ACU








Adobe Connect Tutorial - an example of a brief introduction for participants.


Guide_for_Participants pdf

Getting started with Adobe Connect meetings pdf training

Adobe Connect Essential Training

Understand the Adobe Connect meeting room basics


I would recommend purchasing a USB Headset similar to the following :

Please note you must plug your headset in to the computer before you enter the Adobe Connect meeting room


Power User Links

Power User Features in Adobe Connect


Edugame Cloud login:


Adobe Connect 8 Custom Pods, Part 1


Thanks to easelsolutions

How to create your own Adobe Connect Custom Pods!

Adobe Connect Meeting Overview



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute"
width="100%" height="100%" xmlns:components="com.adobe.sync.components.*"


<!-- This version has a Clear Button as requested by sportykev 4 years ago -->
<!-- I need to learn how to hide/disable the Clear Button for Participants -->
<!-- Rupert Russell 22 April 2017 -->


protected function syncMessageReceived(event:SyncSwfEvent):void
if( =="update")

if( =="clear")

protected function sendMessage(event:MouseEvent):void
var customMessage:String = connector.userName + ": " + input.text;
connector.dispatchSyncMessage("update", customMessage, true);

protected function sendClear(event:MouseEvent):void
var customMessage:String = "";
connector.dispatchSyncMessage("clear", customMessage, true);

protected function updateLog(message:String) :void
log.text += message + "\n";

protected function clearLog(message:String) :void
log.text = ""; <!-- Resets the log.text to a null string to clear the chat log -->
<!-- In this version Both Hosts and Participants can clear the chat log
It would be good to hide or disable the clear button for Participants
I don't yet know how to hode or disable a button based on user role -->


<components:SyncConnector id="connector" syncMessageReceived="syncMessageReceived(event)" />
<!-- <components:ConnectionEmulator bSyncConnector="{connector}" /> --> <!-- Comment out the line below before building the production verion -->
<!-- <components:ConnectionEmulator bSyncConnector="{connector}" /> --> <!-- Use this line for local testing using ServiceEmulatorApp.swf -->

<mx:Panel title="Chat v003" top="5" right="5" bottom="5" left="5" layout="vertical">
<mx:TextArea id="log" width="100%" height="100%" editable="false" />
<mx:HBox width="100%">
<mx:TextInput id="input" width="100%" />
<mx:Button label="Submit" click="sendMessage(event)" />
<mx:Button label="Clear" click="sendClear(event)" />