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Fractint Notes

These notes details the seps I use to generate large fractal images using Fractint. Local copy of Fractint 20.04p12.zip

Local copy of Ultimate Boot CD V5.2.9 or see: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html

Current release: V5.2.9

Download format Size Checksums

ISO image

574MB [MD5    ] e1b19eeede70be45c10dd8e14b78d405 
[SHA1   ] 3386cd7be69853cf304375ed2a5a826eb26f32e8 
[SHA-256] eacdbe9321d5f87824ceffa801cc09f05e2c25e305bac9be7a10591578efb32c

0) Insert USB with Fractint into PC
1) Boot PC with Ultimate Boot CD V52.9
2) Select UBC FreeDOS R.1.51 (Based on MwDisk v3.30)
3) Select 2 UMBPCI (optimal)
4) Load all default drivers
5) Press Escape to exit from Menu
7) Change to Drive C:
8) Run Fractint



1) Generate a fractal in Fractint and save it

3) selext x for the basic commands menu and enter a file name eg BB_00

4) Press B for Batch mode

5) Select the number of X & Y parts eg 10 x 10

Press Enter to save the batch file


Note you will need a copy of a program called Simplgif to convert the muti part gif fractmig.gif onto a standard gif file

There is a line that is commented out at the bottom of the batch file that will create the silmpe.gif version just edit the batch file
and remove the REM statment





If you don't use simplgif.exe then the following steps will work using a program called Fiji.

6) Edit the batch file to change overwrite=yes to overwrite=no and remove the makeimage command at the bottom of the batch file because I found that this is not working properly for some reason.

7) Run the Batch file to generate the required "tiles"


8) use Fiji to stitch the images together download online - local copy of Fiji 32 Bit & Fiji 64 Bit


9) Run the Plugin

Note you will need to run this on a 64 Bit machine running 64 Bit Java and increase the Memory Allocation


9) Save the Stiched Image







Regular Expression File Renamer Local Copy



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