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Sigmund-Gossembrot 001



https://turtletoy.net/ Turtletoy is created by Reinder Nijhoff (@ReinderNijhoff).

Turtletoy allows you to create generative art using a minimalistic javascript Turtle graphics API. You can only create black-and-white line drawings on a square canvas. By offering a very restrictive environment we not only hope to stimulate creativity, we also make sure that the turtles can (at least theoretically) be plotted using a simple plotter.

You can read the Turtle API reference first or directly start writing your own turtle here.

 Each turtle can be exported as SVG, suitable for high-res printing or a plotter.


Compressed version 5 MB

Original 18 MB

Turtle Geometry: The Computer as a Medium for Exploring Mathematics 

Harold Abelson,
Andrea diSessa
The MIT Press
ISBN electronic:
Publication date:


I have created some examples see: https://turtletoy.net/user/rupertxrussell


Code Tips:

You can find the Turtle API reference here: https://turtletoy.net/syntax

const hatching = 1;//min=0 max=1 step=1 (No, Yes)



see: https://turtletoy.net/turtle/c387770c8d


"Did you know you can also write the centeredCircle function like this ``` function centeredCircle(x,y, radius, ext =360) {   turtle.jump(x,y-radius);   turtle.circle(radius, ext); } ```"

console.log("Hello world!");

F12 to open the browser console



Given two Cartesian coordinates, here’s how you compute the distance between them:

function pointDistance(x1, y1, x2, y2) {    return Math.hypot(x1 - x2, y1 - y2);  }  

Here’s how you might use this function:

pointDistance(0, 0, 3, 4);  // => 5     pointDistance(100, 7, 200, 7);  // => 100




for (var i = 0; i < 9; i++) {   
  // more statements  }




Calculating Midpoints: https://turtletoy.net/turtle/06bd8fcc53